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Oscar De La Renta.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Oscar De La Renta.

I mentioned in a previous post that Marc Jacobs is the Crown Prince of New York Fashion... So I am assuming since I bring that up in this post I am saying OdlR Is the King... Well No, Actually Not. THAT Specific Moniker (King) belongs to None other than Michael Kors (More on that in the Post on HIS Show Later) Oscar Occupies the more Exalted Throne of Lord High Emperor Of New York Fashion! One that he comfortably shared with the Late and Awesomely Great Bill Blass (as owing they were best of friends and the eldest of elder statesmen of NY Fashion they both deserved the term equally) but now Emperor Oscar has that seat all to himself and shows why he does when he continues to produce collections like he did for Spring 2014.

After what could only be seen as a Miscalculation in Judgement to let John Galliano's hand Lay so Heavily over his Fall 2013 Collection that is Marred the Essence of what is De La Renta with too much of a Galliano Bent in the Styling and the Clothes, This was a Triumphant Return to all that is Glorious About Oscar De La Renta!

Oscar has so many skills that to even begin to Catalog them would be and Exhausting Effort... Yet pretty much most of them were on display in this show. From beginning to End, De La Renta Traced a Path from Elegant Reserve to Extrovert Luxury! The show opened in A Graphic and Sober key, mixing Navy and White Expertly. The opening on Karlie Kloss Showed Restraint in a Relaxed and Easy way... Doubleface Navy cardigan coat with White Reverse and shown with a supple Cardigan and and Gingham check skirt. It had a total Uptown Socialite feel with a Younger Midtown Energy!

After in Exit No.2 The Galliano impression could be detected again In Joan Smalls' Kimono Bias cut jacket and slim pencil skirt. The details of this outfit screamed Galliano in a De La Renta Mould and here it looked Drop Dead AMAZING unlike Last Fall where it simply felt Awkward. More Navy and White followed in multiple desirable ways and configurations, each one more Drool-Worthy than the last.

One of the best All White Outfits of the season came out on Chanel Iman at Exit No. 12 in a Breeze of a White Sundress with an intricately cutout pattern in the fabric framing the upper torso... Then back to more more Spectator looks, two suits in particular were Gasp-Inducing in their Magnificence... Exit No. 17 on Josephine Skriver in White with Black Embroidered dots and Lace trim and Exit No. 19 on Jac In Black and White Plaid with Black floral over Embroidery imitating the look of Lace Encrustation.

A few other Standouts... A simple Tangerine Shift Dress with a Jeweled Neckline at Exit No. 27 Evoked the classical elegance of Bygone Couture. A Ravishing unadorned Aqua Faille full-skirted evening dress at Exit No. 25 had the kind of Gravitas afforded much more lavish outfits. Also, a Strapless Citron Faille party dress at Exit No. 37  had a lively swing in it's dance skirt and was gently embroidered with White Flowers keeping it Luxe without Excess!

Then it was time for Evening... where De La Renta showed his Absolute Sterling Pedigree in Couture with Masterpiece after Dramatic Masterpiece. The Most Sensational of them were in Aqua... Exit No. 39 In Embroidered Faille in an elaborate Victorian Needlepoint, or the Slim tiered strapless Column with Pearl trim at Exit No. 40 which was Oscar-Worthy in it's Regal Perfection! Exit No. 43 was also a Total Breath Stealer in the Same Aqua Faille as seen before but was gently embroidered in a Silver Ribbon floral pattern in Sequins... STUNNING! The Same Silver Bullion Embroidery was scrolled down the front of the most Glamourous of all the evening pieces, Exit No. 46 on Mirte Maas... a Confection of Strapless Blush Faille that Transported us to the land of The Fairy Tale and The Fantastical! It was a Jaw Dropper of Gargantuan Magnitude! It showed indubitably that De La Renta has the Ability Transform and Transcend all in the same Gesture!

To Conclude... Joan Smalls' closed In a Citron Froth of Tulle and Faille with Black Filigree Embroidery and looking very much like a Spanish Infanta for modern times with her Black Tulle head wrap... It was the way in which a true showman like De La Renta created something more than a fashion show... it was an Unforgettable Experience! That's WHY Oscar De La Renta IS The Emperor of 7th Avenue. Without a Single Trace of Doubt!

That's All.


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