Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rachel Zoe.

Weds. 09/11/2013.

Ms. Rachel Zoe! A woman with whom I share a Unquenchable Passion for all things Chanel and Equally Karl Lagerfeld. Ms. Zoe is something of an Idol to me. But in saying that, I also would be the first to say if she produced a Massive Suckbomb of a collection. Splendidly, That was not the case!

In Fact, This was perhaps her most Accomplished and Focused Collection to date. It was hitting all the right notes of the season and keyed into all the major trends seen on multiple runways this season. But there was something also Effortlessly "Zoe" About the Collection., That Los Angeles Rich Hippy Bohemian Flavour that Is Essential Rachel Zoe. Touching on All-White, Sport Chic, Safari Saharienne And Denim were all shown in Clever ways and keeping the palette mostly White, Black, and Denim with touches of Pastels and A few Neutrals to ground things.

Starting Out, A rumpled, shiny pantsuit in a near Metallic dusty Sage that had a Breeziness and Louche energy to it that was typical Zoe. Exit No. 3 was one of those "Why Didn't Someone Think of This Before!" Moments that was truly one of the best evening looks I've seen in a while in Pewter Sequins in a crop top and Drawstring waist column skirt. PITCH PERFECT! Exit No. 5 had Instant Want written all over it as well, Aping a Vintage YSL Vibe in a Luggage leather Saharienne Jacket made Modern and Sportif with a zipper and snap front.

Exit No. 10 gave us that Athletic Notion that has been running rampant and also on the All-White Carousel that has been spinning out of control in a tie-neck Blouse and Perfed Mesh Swingy circle skirt that was equally Crisp and Fresh as it was Easy! Look No. 17 expounded on the already prevalent T-Shirt dress trend and cut it out of Aqua Perf Mesh and looked incredibly Young, Hip and Chic!

A Swirling Dervish of Black Sequins at Exit No. 28 was an Opulent Showstopper and a Red Carpet Winner of an option for whatever Starlet it might sheath in the upcoming Awards season! The Zebra on Zebra Safari top and Pants at Exit No. 30 was pretty Kooky and Delightfully Fun! And the finale Caftan in a Blurred Zig-Zag Print was SO Zoe that she walked down the catwalk in it herself.

I found myself Blown away and Captivated by this Clearly Defined and Chic Collection. It felt far fresher and On Trend than many major collections this season and that much of the press have snubbed their noses and thrown shade Ms. Zoe's way, calling her a better stylist than designer... well these are the same people whom glorify Nicholas Ghesquiere, Proenza Schouler, Raf Simons and The Rodarte Sisters with Lavish Praise and that reflects that their opinions neither matter or are accurate!

The only thing Zoe needs is more Confidence and more Belief in HER Vision! Define Herself and Screw the rest, Do What She wants and give the Middle finger to those saying she isn't a Designer. Also... Rachel, Hun-TY! Book The Top Girls! Book The Top Makeup and Hair. You wave the Money, (WHICH WE KNOW YOU HAVE) their way and they will come. Nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING Brings a show down MORE than not having the Top Girls (along with Fresher, Newer Faces) Showcasing your Looks! Get On That! STAT!

That's All.


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