Friday, August 12, 2016

Balenciaga Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/05/2015.

With his Fall 2015 collection for the house of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang proved with utmost proficiency and ingenuity that he could get a handle on the metier of Couture, even if it was reimagining it in a decidedly modern way. His Fall collection was a brilliant treatise on modernizing the house codes while retaining their inherent elegance and grace, (Something Nicholas Ghesquiere could NEVER do, or was more aptly, CAPABLE of doing!) Yes, he did give them the Crackle and Punch of his more Hard Core aesthetic, Yet, he blended them smoothly together to form a potently electrifying synergism of Old and New!

Wang's Resort 2016 collection for the house is as such, a continuation of that conversation of past and present. Wang maintained the trajectory he started with last Fall and moved into a new, lighter and freer space. The clothes here were dramatic, Oh My Yes, But less Grandiose and less opulently intentioned also. Maybe because it was a Resort showing, Wang kept things minimal and breezy to a degree, Black and White were the major colorways with touches of soft Blues and Pinks for contrast and a rather attention getting Floral print to mix things up. 

The most obvious nods to the Couture nature of the clothes. the rounded, gently ruffling peplums and full skirts of the dresses, the corsetry effects, and a Sensational pair of Military styled coats in Ecru and Black paired with the sheerest lace skirts possible, that mimicked Cristobal's Barrel line, all were present and reworked into thoroughly contemporaneous versions of the archival pieces that they surely took their inspiration from. Wang set forth a high water mark that would be difficult for him to match, and as this is written, he has since left the house and replaced by Demna Gvaslalia of Vetements. It's a sad occurence, Wang was hitting a sure-footed and fleet stride with this collection and the possibilities of what was to come are left tantalizingly unanswered... Though with work like this left behind him at the house, he'll be a surely tough act to follow!

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