Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yigal Azrouel Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/05/2015.

Yigal Azrouel Resort 2016.

In a Resort collection that could only be summed up as, Flawless and Exceptional, Yigal Azrouel presented a brief, yet powerful essay on how to dress with utmost style and verve! Azrouel's assemblage was Genius and distinctly compelling, mainly for the fact that he resisted tricks and fashion sleights-of-hand to concentrate on Strong, markedly wearable pieces done in interesting and refreshing ways, that he happened upon creating items of Faultless beauty was the Happiest of accidents!

Even with having it's quirkier moments to bolster the collection beyond brilliant basics, the focus seemed firmly fixed upon wearable clothes for the real women of the world and not those that troll the Red Carpet, given that there were a couple Distractingly lovely Red Carpet worthy Evening numbers, Azrouel has that down to a Science also! Used in both Pink and Black, a Long open slit sleeve Zip-front Cape Coat/Jacket was tailored to within 1/16 of an inch of it's life and will carry a woman straight through from this season to next Resort... And Beyond! Chic is a bastard word to describe it. The White Pinstripe Pantsuit could find itself as easily in the Monaco as Silicon Valley with Frightening ease and had a Rakish Insouciance to it that was Mesmerizing! As louche as that was, the demurely cutout embroidered White blouse and Black pants ensemble was restrained and coolly elegant!

For Evening, Try a Scintillation in Red delicately enhanced with insets of matching Lace, or Shimmy in tiers of pleats and eyelash fine shredded lace in Steel Blue! Both were Showstoppers Supreme! Azrouel seems to have found a new side to his design personality, one that is more concerned with Chicness and Suavity than Modern Bohemian. He's always been talented and a Go-To kind of guy for resolutely of-this-minute fashion with an frisson of deep, intellectual thinking running up it's spine... Here however, he seems to have let himself simply feel the clothes and not think about them, as the wildly bold faced prints he used in this collection attest to! It is not only a promising turn of events, but something to really get one's hopes Very high in the desire to see Azrouel pursue this new avenue of his aesthetic! If this Resort collection is any indicator... Great Thing Await!

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