Saturday, August 13, 2016

Piazza Sempione Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/05/2015.

Piazza Sempione Resort 2016.

Sometimes, the designer of the basics of wardrobe dressing are looked down the nose upon by the fashion Cognoscenti. The desire for the next big "Moment" or, the next Fashion revelation. A house that produces quiet, exceptional clothing is just as relevant as the designer darling of the minute pushing boundaries! That's what Piazza Sempione is! That Quiet clothing house that need not shout to get women to hear it's message, showing that a Whisper can be as loud as a Yell when you're producing clothes of such ease and greatness!

The design team at Piazza Sempione produced Chic, Clean, Easy wearable pieces for their Resort 2016 offering, pieces that can go anywhere in the world and work in nearly any situation come Rain or Shine. That they didn't have the High-Voltage Gloss of some labels only makes their clothes that more reliable and viable! Every woman can rock a Mushroom belted Swing back short Cape top and Eau de Nil Bermudas with comfortable ease and look Smashing doing it! Even more so, the All-White ensemble of a Belted waist coat, slim pants and tee which could take you from Lunch Uptown to walking the beach in The Hamptons in 2 Seconds flat!

It's easy to overlook and even easier to dismiss such commercial fare, but the Design team at Piazza Sempione know they are filling a massive niche by offering contemporaneous clothing to what is happening in the fashion world at any given moment, but not following the trends and giving their customer clothes that work for their lives, and when they are as flawless as these pieces, who needs the Fashion of the "Moment"?

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