Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tadashi Shoji Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/04/2015.

A Zip front Baseball styled Jacket does not Sportswear make when it's inconveniently jammed into a Full on Evening Collection. That was the minor takeaway from Tadashi Shoji's Resort 2016 offering. The major takeaway... The colour White is having a Breakout moment! Those Baseball Jackets actually seemed uncommonly out of place in this collection. Shoji was, it would seem, trying to inject some Sportive elements into his assortment of evening Bonbons, and sadly, it didn't work. It only managed to make the assemblage look silly and obtuse. Which was a shame, because the rest of the collection, minus those unfortunate collapses of judgement, was pretty Gorge!

While White was the centerpiece of the collection. there was a fair amount of Blue to go around, from Navy to a soft pastel Cornflower shade, it added a youthful lightness in this delicate and sweet shade. But when Shoji got down to Brass Tacks with the White, it was Marvellous! The final Two looks attest firmly to that! Shoji would have had a Full-On winner had he not inserted those comically miscalculated jackets into the collection. Conversely, had he ACTUALLY taken the time to design some REAL Sportswear to go along with those jackets and ceased with his Evening Only Revue, it would have made more sense. Here, even with the beauties, the whole just came off as a discombobulated miss! 

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