Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gucci Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/04/2015.

In the right hands, the Casa Gucci is a not only a Star Maker, it's a creator of Legends! Tom Ford is one of those Legends, a Force Majeur in not only the Fashion world, but the Pop Culture Zeitgeist as well! Alessandro Michele has poised himself at that cusp and is most certain to propel himself into the breach! Like Ford before him, He has totally renovated the look of Gucci and in doing so, become the Leader and not follower of the Fashion Pack. His vision is so unyielding singular and self-assured, that it cannot be anything other than the impetus of similar styles across the fashion landscape. 

As far as Michele's Resort Collection... It was a Spectacular Masterpiece! It was a Quirky, Eclectic, Eccentric, Magpie Hodgepodge of disparate ideas and pieces pulled together with a Virtuoso hand to form a totally believable and cohesive amalgam! The extrovert diversity of Michele's fashion is the draw, it compels you to think differently about your perceptions of Excessive and challenges you to see the Joyous magic of the uninhibited mix of Print and Fabric and Embellishment and what could be considered as conveying a sense of Bad Taste! But that deliberate pushing of the envelope is what makes it so Intriguing and Exciting! 

We saw, quite firmly, in his Fall debut for the house, The Mix is The Message! Here, there was no difference in that equation. There was everything from Folkloric Northern embroideries and appliques mixed with Asian Japonesque and Chinoiserie accents and busy Wallpaper florals sat next to Eye-Spinning Chevron stripes and that is only a partial list of the wonders to be found! And the Colours... too many to even begin to name... But bright Mustard Yellow, Dusk Pink, and Royal Purple made some of the biggest statements. Among the best of show outfits... A Gorgeous Majorette coat near the close of the show in that Rosy shade of Dusk Pink, a Brocaded Scalloped edge suit in Mustard on Tami Williams that just made the tears perk up at one's eyes because of it's beauty, Amilna Estaevo in a Green Floral quilted coat that was like the World's most Exquisite Pot Holder ever envisioned!

Also, Definitely well worth mentioning, a purely Perfect Marigold Schoolgirl Suit with a pleated skirt and finished off with a Black Velvet Bow at the neck was Achingly Marvellous and the Mustard Broadtail jacket with Embroidered Frog closures and Smoke Grey Mink trim and collar came from another plane of Existence! There, Of course, was more, MUCH more... but why demystify it all with in depth explanations... It all speaks for itself with a Bravado that is well earned. Michele's world that he is inviting us into is a Heady and Giddily addictive one. One that is so far removed from Dullness and Drabness and the Depressive that it comes over you like a Cool breeze off the Aegean and couldn't be more welcome in such Dark and Solemn times. 

Footnote: Michele is raring to prove he's Game Ready to Bat in the Big Leagues, with just his Third show under his belt, Michele is already showing he can play with the Heavy Hitters, the Paris Three, Chanel, Dior and Vuitton, by as well taking his Caravan on the road to New York, closing off streets and showing in a Garage like space right off to the side of a busy Street, it was just as Kooky a choice as all the ones made by Michele, and one that fit Splendidly into the Aura of the show! Alessandro Michele is at the forefront of a new wave crashing over the fashion world, he is well on his way to being one of the new Megawatt stars of fashion, the only question of concern, with such a Strong and Singular vision as his, Can Michele continually refresh it in the years to come to keep that vision as Potent as it is now in it's infancy? It's a tough answer, one that Michele himself might not actually have, but if he doesn't... he will leave a body of work in his wake that, however brief or extensive, will be one of the Greatest in the metier! 

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