Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Carven Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

So, What shall it be first? The Bad News? Or, The REALLY Bad News? If you're like me... you'll go with the Bad news first... ease into the matter. Ok. Bad news is... The Carven Resort 2016 collection was not good. The REALLY Bad news... The Carven Resort 2016 collection was REALLY Not Good! Such and unflattering and childish undertaking it was. Most, not all, but MOST of the outfits by the new successors to the house, Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud, looked as if it hadn't been designed at all, it in fact looked as if it had been, "STYLED" to meaninglessness! I can not imagine a more withering indictment than to say a collection looked like it was "Styled" instead of "Designed" Martial and Caillaudaud's output looked as if they had been scampering around in the showroom with the individual pieces and throwing them together haphazardly with no real effort to "Create" but to "Market" and in that vein, it could have been clothes from a Window Display at American Eagle or Hollister! 

This was a trifling showing by the new designers and does not bode well. It was Cheap, Tacky, Underwhelming and DULL! Buried in there, SOMEWHERE, there were maybe a few pieces worthy of saving for a moment when you just need to cover your ass with something that isn't dirty or commonplace, but what there was of those pieces were well hidden in the misfortunate offering by Martial and Caillaudaud! Back to the Drawing Boards with you both! 

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