Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stella McCartney Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/08/2015.

Not going to waste words here. I didn't like, understand, nor CARE to understand most of Stella McCartney's bungling Resort 2016 collection. A few pieces here. A few pieces there. That's It! The looks outside of those handful few, Dumbfounding! McCartney said Cuba was the jumping off point... I don't think Cuba has ever more wanted to be disassociated with something since Fidel Castro. McCartney has lost the thing that made her collections of yore events, Stand Up and Cheer Revivals of Tough Girl clothes that had the heart of a Blithe Spirited Ingenue. Where that has gone and why, Fuck Knows! What it has been replaced with is Goofy, Stupid clothing that are not only needlessly complicated, they are also unattractive! 

So, A Navy Silk A-line dress embroidered with flowers was Ultra Lovely, although it sincerely aped the dresses Michael Kors did for his Spring 2015 collection in the most unflattering of ways. The Black Pantsuit with flowers decorating it was equally fetching. And the line-up of final looks in Breezy, Blousy, Generous silhouettes were #STUNNING! Especially the Trio of gowns at the end in Sherbet Orange, Citron Yellow and Safety Orange. The rest,,, In The Trash it should go! McCartney has seemingly lost her way, I don't know how she diverged from the path she had been on and come to this land of Un-Enchantment... But one thing is Damned Sure... Stella, NEEDS to get her Groove Back! Pronto! 

That's All.


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