Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dennis Basso Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

Minimalism Be Damned! Dennis Basso is a Designer who follows his own bliss and does what he does for the women he loves and who love him... Unbeknownst to much of the world, There are still women of a certain Echelon who ACTUALLY live lives like those seen in the those Deliciously Decadent and Opulent 80's Nighttime Soap Operas, Like "Dynasty" "Dallas" and the rest! Basso is there to drape them in Sequins and Beads and Sable even when they are on the Amalfi Coast! Because of course, they're going to be on a Yacht anyways! 

Knowing that Basso is going to do his thing and Come Hell or High Water, There Will Be Luxe, His Resort collection for 2016 suffered from a multiplicity that had too much an air of disparity that weighed the collection down and mired it in confusion. Too much was going on, so instead of the show having a clear theme, it was all over the place and was trying way too hard. Just like with that Extra Big slice of Pecan Pie with Ice Cream... Going back for another slice is pushing the limits, and there is only SO much excess that one can find palatable before you get sick and want to heave! Basso went FAR WELL over that boundary! 

When Basso went Saucy, he enlivened the mix with great Spunk and Verve, A Beaded ankle-skimming Gilet done in diamonds of Silk on Chiffon worn with a Pussy-Bow Pouf-sleeve blouse and Velvet Hot Pants, all in Black was one of these moments of finding a refreshingly new way to say something old. And there were other examples, but they were drowned out by the Pageantry and Exorbitance of most everything else. Basso has of late, been finding a better balance in his Runway collections and tapering off some of the more Extravagant ideas for Simpler, more Modern pieces... He would have done himself a Heaping Helping of good to have weeded out some pieces from this Overstuffed and Overdone collection and relaxed a little more... After all, For Pete's Sake, It IS Resort, Thank You Very Much! 

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