Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Row Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

Superlatives and Accolades seem to be inane qualifiers for the utterly and astonishingly sublime showing for Resort 2016 from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for their label, The Row. Every look was the most undeniably Extraordinary definition of Pure and Simple, however that in no possible context meant boring and dull. These clothes were the Epitome of the kind of Chic that 99% of women aspire to, and only a bare handful of those attain! The indomitable poise and studied grace of these outfits are a heaven to all aesthetes who long for this kind of unsullied elegance!

"Well-Balanced" may have been the sisters mantra for this collection and it serves as a pointed description of the clothes, that in the minds of their designers, seemed almost a throwaway turn of phrase. It may have come off blithe, but it was the setting for the Exquisite! While Minimal, to the farthest extreme, truth be told, (not one single whit of embellishment in the entire lineup) the clothes lacked not an iota for Extravagance or impossible Luxury! Where does one start when each outfit was a Dissertation onto itself in Sublimity?!? A Caramel Clutch coat with an Off-Shoulder Shawl collar and a neat and slim sheath underneath sighed with relaxed Suavity! A Pin-Point precise Slate Blue Pantsuit was Rakish and Refined in equal measures. As for the completely detail-less Parchment Trench coat... Desire Unbound! 

The Olsen sisters have not only proven that this fashion undertaking was no lark in any respect, they are INSANELY Serious about what they do, and that they have shown an unwavering conviction to their ideal of style whilst still remaining flawlessly current and contemporaneous... Genius in the Highest regard! The single mindedness of their approach proves that this is THEIR Point-Of-View... They aren't giving some designer a brief and letting them make all the choices. NO! This is the Olsen's Vision... One they fully formed and created by themselves... We're simply the lucky ones that they have decided to share it with us! 

That's All.


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