Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thom Browne Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/08/2015.

Every Thom Browne fashion collection has a particularly rich narrative to it. There are always many ideas parsed together into one uniform whole that is Breathtaking in it's expansiveness. He's got that typical, arch British sense of wit and sarcasm that is both biting and ribald! For Resort 2016, Browne took that absurdist streak running through his British sense of humour and built a collection around a unique conceit. The Good Old Oxford cloth shirt. He built his Suits, Coats and more around this commonplace fabric and elevated it well beyond what the humble cloth could ever dare of dreaming to be. 

As oddball a choice as it was, Browne made the most of it and it's pale pastel hand with colour. Cutting a variety of outfits, from a Quad-Colour Zip Jacket and Skirt, to a Raucous Plaid ensemble. But Browne's mind is a Restless one, and by the halfway point, he had sailed to other shores and other more interesting fabrics and treatments found their way into the mix, Tweed, Cashmere and Knits primary among them. It also happened, that at the very end, the TRUEST Expression of the Thom Browne aesthetic came to fore in a Iper Chic rendition of one of his Cropped pant Men's suits, replete with Tie and Topcoat. 

Browne's collections are rarely easy to pigeonhole, let alone contextualize in a brief summation. There is always more going on than even one or two penetrating investigations can unearth. It's best to most times, simply sail along on the eddies of Browne's imagination and let yourself be taken away by the idiosyncrasy and delightfully kooky charm of it all. Browne's Resort collection had no shortage of that, in fact it had it to spare, What it also had in Abundance... Great, Wearable Clothes! 

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