Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jason Wu Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/08/2015.

Jason Wu has the ability to illicit as much Maniacal Ardour from a simple Cinnabar rib-knit top and Apricot Pink Skirt ensemble as he does from a simply sumptuous side-slit Makeup Beige Sequin encrusted evening dress. It's this exact ability, that when Wu is on his game, that makes him an Absolute Powerhouse of Fashion! That ability was in Fullest Flower in Wu's Resort 2016 collection which relied on lots of Deep Pile Fur and austere silhouettes to make it's case for a more pared back sense of Overt luxury.

Wu didn't really play around much and kept things direct, focused and for the most part, unfussy. Even his usual lavish evening offerings were scaled back and less ostentatious. A Jaw-Dropping plump Rose Quartz Fox coat was ready for Gstaad or for a not unusually chilly Spring day in Manhattan and would look as appropriate in either location, while a Coffee colour Knit top and side-slit Pencil Skirt would be good for lounging around those same locales, with equal ease! 

Wu's Impeccable tailoring skills were ready at the fore, to be sure! An Ink Blue sleeveless Trench dress was Sleekness defined in one unadulterated swath! On the opposite end, a Mushroom Pantsuit with a cropped broad lapel buttonless jacket, had a more spacious feel but looked just as Right on the Money! As for the Opening look of a Sharp, Curvy Apricot belted-waist Pantsuit... FUHGEDDABOUDIT! Exceptional!

Wu has recently found his footing after a few problematic seasons of shifting his Fashion Viewpoint to encompass a new maturity. One would imagine that he, had not he had the Boss appointment, would have been the most "Logical Choice" for heading up Oscar De La Renta when the master passed, It was not to be, (Now that news comes that Peter Copping has left the house for undisclosed reasons... well, who knows) This collection is an assured example of that idea, and that he would be a Prime fit at that house!
This was a beautifully remarkable showing, and with the Fashion future as it is... maybe Wu's Future has the letters ODLR in it... One could only hope! 

That's All.


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