Thursday, August 11, 2016

Philipp Plein Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/05/2015.

Bright, Colourful, Rock 'N' Roll fashion are the signatures of Phillip Plein's Fashion. Never can it be too loud or too much or too... ANYTHING! For Resort 2016, Plein offered up Emojis in Crystals (Hello, Donatella) Pixelated prints, and a Black and White Skull motif (the most successful of the sections, by far!) and as often... repeats abounded. There were Three iterations of the same Belted Trench simply done in 3 different prints, as was a Brief T-Shirt dress. It not only was Infuriating, it was Lazy!

And Plein also fell into the Trashy Trap, yet again. His clothes here didn't look Upscale or High-End, more like someone trying to make their Gaudy, Cheap wares look High-end with Embellishments and Good fabrics. In the end, it still looked tacky. and even worse, like clothes that any 15 Year-old could find at "Hot Topic" or "Forever 21" Even the black gown that ended the looks had the feeling of Prom to it. In it's own way, and worn with a Unconventional and Renegade spirit, the clothes may work, especially worked in with less commonplace pieces, it might work. In conclusion... It was Pretty and Fun, and that's about all it was!

That's All.


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