Thursday, August 11, 2016

Versace Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/05/2015.

Oh, Nostalgia! The 2016 Versace Resort collection put forth by Donatella Versace, hearkened back to the good old days of yesteryear for the house! The Colours! The Riotous Prints! The Baby Dolls, Lingere, Mesh and Bell Bottoms of the Bygone past of the house all came to the fore in brilliantly calculated and expertly judged modern variations! Starting off with The Lady and then moving into The Tramp, Donatella presented as the first look, a Vivid Granny Smith Apple Green Leather trench, Chic as the day is long and also with that Vital Versace DNA roiling through it's bones, a little lurid, a hint trashy, but never anything less than Pure Class! 

From there we get Safety Cone Orange mixed with the Green and the Versace favorite, brief pleated Gladiator skirts in Black highlighted by the vibrant aforementioned colours. From then on there were past Versace allusions to be found everywhere, The Apple Green crop top and pencil skirt, this time modernized with tiny little pinhole punctures forming a Graphic pattern, a dazzlingly printed Baby Doll dress done in pleats recalling the 1993 Fall collections, as did the Combo Print Slip Dress interspliced with Black Lace. Or the always winning combo of Lace and Shiny Mesh, shown in this go-round in Highlighter Pink! 

In this presentation, Donatella got back to the roots of the house while still traveling at light speed into the future, Her best is always achieved when she has one hand in the archives and one foot on the accelerator into the what-comes-now/next future! This Resort collection was as perfect a synthesis of that ideal as one could ask. Let's just hope we can see more of this in the collections to come!

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