Saturday, August 13, 2016

Joseph Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/05/2015.

Joseph Resort 2016.

Sportive Minimalism. Luxe Utilitarian. Both ideas were the Makeup of the Joseph 2016 Resort showing designed by the Brilliant Louise Trotter. Ms. Trotter refrained that the core of the Joseph label is "Luxury Essentials" and with this collection, how she could elevate the everyday (A Marvellously Egalitarian thought process, indeed!) and present them to her faithful clientele and hopeful newcomers to the fold. She succeeded so far beyond wildly, that it is an insult to call it anything less than Earth Shaking! This collection was so Superiorly Perfect, that I could remark in grandiose detail on every look, even though that would be pressing the nerves of any reader, and still have volumes to say afterward.

Trotter certainly took the "Everyday" and "Elevated" it to near narcotic levels of Addictive and Desirable. To be brief, I shall gleefully expound on a few of the most Soul-Enhancing pieces and leave it at that, for the fear of slipping into prolixity. A Gorgeous Cinnamon Napa Overall jumpsuit with a matched hoodie was a practical study in how to combine in a fresh way items that under usual circumstances would be mundane! The All-White look comprised of a Snap-front Anorak, Sharp as a Razor full pleated skirt and Button-front shirt for all it's worth looked unassuming, but had in it's bones that unshakable feeling of being Essentially Important and Majorly Moving! It was it's Clean, Monastic severity that gave the outfit it's Gravitas!

Take the Quietly, forlornly Romantic look of a Long Plaid shirtdress paired over a floor-grazing Black Pleated full skirt... Unquestionably Impactful! Or the Always winning combo of a Camel Cashmere Peacoat worn with Sweatshirt Trousers and matching top? Ask Michael Kors if you don't believe this isn't always a Flawless colour pairing! Finally, a most Sublime pairing of a Pecan colour Reefer coat paired with Salmon Pink Leather trousers and a matching Knit tee that should be seducing all whom gaze upon it as it has me! Trotter seems to be in the direct line of design as her fellow Brit, Pheobe Philo at Celine in Paris... But as where Celine gets all the attention, it's actually Joseph that's producing the most Remarkable clothing! Trotter has Philo beat by Hundreds of miles, the only hope is that she will begin to get the recognition that Philo has been getting (somewhat unjustly, if you ask me!) and become the Fashion Luminary that she deserves to be!

And Oh, BTW... If Philo ever wants to retire from Celine... I know a Certain Brit who'd do a most Jolly Good job at replacing and/or... Surpassing her!

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