Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tome Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/05/2015.

Tome Resort 2016.

"Languid" the catch word of the day for Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin of the label Tome in describing the mood of the clothes for their Eclectic and Delightfully Offbeat Resort 2016 showing. The oddball pairings in this presentation gave off the impression of the most fashionable Hausfrau ever! Citing the Acerbic Wit Mistress herself, Dorothy Parker as inspiration, it was easy to see her lounging, in one of her drunken malaise moments, in these clothes, in the modern iteration of her!

There, admittedly, is a lot going on in this collection, many different moods and styles were expressed and scores of ideas flowed freely, that made it hard to pin down specific looks, for everything was so brilliantly intertwined and synergistic. Martin and Lobo packed a whole world of options into this collection with out it feeling forced or over abundant! Examples... The irreverent sensuality expressed by a Black duster coat and Lace Sheath dress underneath was an Unorthodox combination but Spot-On in every way! The Crisp White shirtdress of Look No. 10 was breezy and clean, but surprisingly elegant. And the sheer White Lace blouse with a pair of Cornea Sizzling Chevron striped shorts in Red, White and Blue was Eccentric at it's best!

Lobo and Martin's work here was among some of the best work they have done. They captured an eloquent freedom and studied sense of easiness and relaxed elegance that made the collection shine from end to end. Others would have gotten lost in the thicket with so many ideas tumbling about, the Tome boys showed how adept they are at such Fashionable Juggling and ended up with a Sensational set of clothes!!

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