Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pamella Roland Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/04/2015.

Pamella Roland Resort 2016.

A One-Shouldered Ombre Ballgown, changing from Peach to Dusk Pink at the hem, A Wide-Leg Jumpsuit in Ombre Lace in shades of Apricot and Peach, and a Sapphire Blue Jacquard coat were the standouts in Pamella Roland's Resort 2016 presentation which took it's inspiration from Summer Sunsets on Lake Michigan at her Home. A very pretty throng of clothes indeed, but as usual, all evening and as such... grew tedious by the end, even though it was only 24 looks.

As a Michigan Native, I am always rooting and praising Ms. Roland, yet, her aesthetic oft times can be a trifle belaboured, as is the case with mostly all of the designers on the circuit who show nothing but Confectionary Evening wares. As much as I will and can Champion her Splendid pieces, it would be so refreshing if Roland attempted to inject a little more vitality and backbone into the collection with some seriously conceived Daywear! It would do her, and the collective Evening Wear designers of the world... A Mountain of good if they did!

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