Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/04/2015.

Jeff Koons and Ugo Rondinone are somewhat odd bedfellows to glean an inspiration from, but for his Resort 2016 collection, Jonathan Saunders did exactly that in a collection he dubbed "Synthetic Aesthetic" Pointedly, there was something of a Glossy, Surreal bent to things, even though, this proved to be one of Saunders most Palatable and better collections of late. As of the last few seasons, Saunders usually Inspired and Brilliantly off-kilter juxtapositions in colour theory, were flawed in the most nauseating ways, one only need look to his Fall 2015 collection to prove that point to a T! 

Here, Simplicity was more the special of the day and a joyous and upbeat palette kept the clothes from being memorable for all the wrong reasons. Saunders almost Virtuoso eye for colour combination was in full effect here, Salmon mixed with Pale Peach, UItramarine Blue with Autumn Golden Orange, (that specific colour combo was particularly successful! He should have done more of it!) Citron, Carrot and what could be called Strawberry Ice Cream Pink mixed together with White in ombred effect and looked Brilliant! The best outfit, strangely, for a man so gifted with mixing colour, was a Sleek and Simple Black shift that had a crew neck and long sheer sleeves, upon which RAVISHING sprays of flowers in Mediterranean Blue and Green and White were embroidered, making the most Dazzling of statements! 

Saunders Gave plenty more here to coo over, he's not a designer prone to artistic extroversion, his abilities are his Prodigy like way with colour and his creativity in tweaking the clothes that women wear everyday and making them a little more special. In those regards, One could argue his Resort 2016 collection was a Surefire Touchdown! 

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