Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jonathan Simkhai Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

Designer Jonathan Simkhai seems to be in the midst of something of an Identity Crises. He does not seem to know what kind of designer he wants to be! His Resort collection gave vivid proof to this posit by looking like it was designed by and AS a Split Personality. One Passage, Simkhai's an Edgy Romantic Modernist. Next Passage, he's full-on Body-Con Glam. Then another moment passes and he's a Frilly, Extravagant Luxury Evening designer. 

Because of all this meandering, Simkhai's Resort presentation felt like a discombobulated and failed attempt to reconcile all of these aspects of his design aesthetic into a wholly unconvincing and rather unappealing compendium of pieces. Claiming he was going for as "Sporty, Sexy, Cool" aesthetic Simkhai achieved the Sporty part, the Sexy part too, but cool... depends on whom you're asking. A sexy White camisole paired with Wide Navy trousers was winning the Sexy and Cool rounds but didn't quite capture Sporty. And that was kind of the whole problem. nothing really captured a specific mood that was promised, so the collection had an aimless quality to it that rendered it essentially, Unfocused. 

Simkhai has incredible potential and amazing skills, but he also has a serious issue to resolve. That issue is what kind of designer exactly that he wants to be. That flaw in design aesthetic gave this collection a challenging aura of the disjointed. Does he want to be a designer of athletic inspired modern sportswear or of Sexy, Spectacular luxe pieces demand attention. The effort of trying to conjoin the two so far, has led to not much other than often beautiful, Confusion. 

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