Friday, August 19, 2016

Sonia Rykiel Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/08/2015.

Stripes. Stripes! And Yet, MORE STRIPES! From Rainbow, to Barber, to Pin to Diagonal. There was a lot of Stripes to be found in Julie de Libran's Resort 2016 collection for Sonia Rykiel. Libran had a little bit of Elbaz's Lanvin running through this outings veins and that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It added a distinct sense of Exuberance and Joie that gave the collection flavour and sex appeal, of the Le Femme Francaise variety. Libran was keen to keep things lighthearted and gay and the addition of a little bit of the good old bad old Studio 54 days in the mix, she achieved just that! 

To Wit, Examine the Diagonal Sequined multi-hued stripes of a belted T-Shirt dress on Aamito for the definition of Fun! Or, take on the the Black Patent Leather ensemble with a Zip jacket and Slit skirt, which was TOTALLY giving off a Tough and Sexy vibe all at the same time. Taking a look at the Electric Orange Bomber and matching Tap Shorts, both trimmed in Black, you could easily see Cheryl Tiegs rolling up into either 54 or Dancetaria in both their (the clubs and Tiegs') Heyday! Possibly on Roller Skates!

There was a lot more to love in this collection, and women with the L'Esprit De Paris in their hearts will find themselves comforted and elated by the clothes Libran served up. Fun is something that has been missing in Fashion for far too long, when it does show up, it's done with an Arch hand and a Sneering sense, as if TRUE Fun is to be dismissed as inelegant and unimportant. Libran is bringing REAL Fun back to Fashion, and I, for one, have nothing but the highest praise for her doing so! 

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