Thursday, August 18, 2016

Prabal Gurung Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/08/2015.

If taking a trip to Belize for an almost week long vacay can produce a collection as prodigiously spectacular as the one Prabal Gurung summoned forth for Resort of 2016, then, by all means... VISIT BELIZE! For, what was produced here was far and away, some of the best fashion of the entire season and perhaps of Gurung's career! He has wiped the slate clean, so to speak, and starting afresh it would seem, in the manner of speaking, that as of the last few seasons, Gurung was hung up on a trek up the mountains into Kathmandu and dressing his woman like she was some sort of Collage of bits and pieces of flotsam and jetsam. It was worrisome indeed and patently unwearable.

After a return to fabulous form for Fall 2015, it looks that his vacation was just what was needed to clear away all the cobwebs and get back on the path of Exemplary Fashion. You would be hard pressed to find a collection more brilliant this season. The true pleasure is in the looking, so for me to go into prolific detail about everything would be to miss the mastery of the clothes. I will count off a few examples of the best of the best! 

A Cranberry Shift dress with an asymmetrical sheer hem striped in satin, was a perfect city day-to-night dress and the colour was Sublime! A fluid Leather poncho with an undulating thick border of Kangaroo fur had infinite appeal beyond the "Resort" moniker. Then Gurung gave us a White gown with that same Wavy sheer hem (A Leitmotif of the collection to be sure) that went to the floor, but skimmed the body like a T-Shirt, also try out a look at the Fitted Bronze Leather dress that zipped all the way up the front... DEVASTATING! 

Gurung satisfied all the fashion desires any 20 people could have in looking for Standout pieces from the Resort season. This was perhaps a Career high for Gurung, here's to hoping he keeps on climbing ever higher!

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