Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/04/2015.

In Narciso Rodriguez's hands, Fashion imitates, to some small degree, if not physically, then most assuredly in intent and content, Architecture. Within saying that, he mimics one of the Greatest tailors and designers of All Fashion History, The Maestro Gianfranco Ferre! Ferre was a brilliant Designer, one of the truest of the Inspired Masters of the metier... His precision of Cut, Drape and Fit was Unparalleled and Unmatched by perhaps only that other Scion of Couture, Geoffrey Beene! Mainly their gift was an Unequaled understanding of the Feminine form and how to fit clothes on it, Ferre exalted the body by using the Pinpoint preciseness that comes with Architecture! Unlike even the Haute Couture, in Architecture, you cannot be off by even the most minute degree or building collapse, Ferre brought that Exactitude to clothing. 

Rodriguez's work feels the same way, but less about the precision of Architecture and more about the Lines and Planes of the art and how they converge to create something Magnificent. Rodriguez feels like the Frank Lloyd Wright of fashion, this Resort collection was a testament to that, the Purity and Streamlined sense of Cleanliness pervaded with strict, yet sensual allure! The way a Tropical Wool Jumpsuit dismissed superfluity with an almost monastic rigour, or how the Black Pantsuit look at the end hid the gentle flourish of a softly delicate ruffle at the hem, in the back of the Razor sharp blazer. 

Rodriguez's Look Book only featured 14 looks, but it was impactful enough that he need not gild his Lily with more. It was a Superb the way it was. Using an Architectural idiom from the Infamous Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe... Sometimes, Less, IS More! 

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