Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Burberry Prorsum.

Mon. 09/15/2014.

Burberry Prorsum.

Tim Blanks said something Extremely Telling about what has become something of the Modus Operandi of the House that Christopher Bailey, Rejuvenated. That Bailey's Offerings are teetering on the Edge of "Cliche" And Goddamn it if he didn't hit the Nail on the head. As Blanks pointed out, Bailey even had the same old, Sad hat in Hand Troubadour (This Time James Bay) Wailing Sad, Sappy, DREARY songs. So, One has to ask, Why? Well... Bailey is the Captain of his own Destiny really. He cannot be fired, He's CEO. And with that kind of Cushion of Safety, he can feel unfettered to do exactly as he pleases. That in one sense has lent an Experimental and Daring newness to the at times before, Beautiful, But Safe and Staid Burberry offerings. Now, each season plays out like Bailey is seeing just how far he can Push the label off of it's moorings yet still keep the Essence recognizably... BURBERRY!

For Spring 2015, if he didn't exactly Rip the house from it's moorings, he damn sure pushed it way beyond Comfort. With the Moronically simplistic Entitling of "The Birds And The Bees" which held the undertone of the Sexual and Naive in it, Bailey Started out Beautifully, with the Delicate beauty that is Hometown Girl Malaika Firth in a Curvaceous Denim jacket and Pencil skirt paved with Saucer Sized Sequins had a Vibrancy and Freshness that echoed the Naivete of the theme... However, as the World kept Turning... things began to go Wonky.

The First Fault.. All that repetitious Denim. It grew Staid quicker than Soda Crackers left out overnight. And those Botched experiments in Swathed Pleated Tulle. Unfailingly Unattractive. The English Eccentric in Bailey showed up FOR REAL this time after Peeking out last Fall... Then with much better results than now. And what's with all the Leggy Sheerness? It was a Gambit that Didn't work and Became Increasingly Distracting and grew Ever More Vulgar.

It was around this moment that it seemed Bailey regained his senses... For a While... A few Printed Trenches were this side of HEAVEN, as were the Abstract Floral print dresses with Tulle Belts. The couple of Experiments in Patent Leather paired with either Denim or Suede made to look like Denim were winning efforts too. And then... it began to go to Pot, again... and we were faced with more Bedraggled Mutations of Pleated, Swathed Tulle that was something that should have been aborted before it made it's way down the Catwalk.

The show ended Gloriously, and Riotously, As Bailey flipped the Burberry Trench on it's head and sent out a Parade of Whimsical Printed Trenches that were as desirable as anything the house has ever produced... but by this time... it was certainly a case of Far Too Little, Far Too Late! Bailey, Now with Absolute control of the house that the Check Built, Has taken to indulging his whimsy and doing things HIS Way without worrying too much, about how it's perceived by the Bigwigs. He is the HMIC... So whatever the way the wind is blowing through his mind is the way the clothes will look... Bailey simply may want to Change Course and Follow a more Well Trodden Path, Next Time up. For this Path traversed in this collection led to nothing but Disappointment.

That's All.


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