Wednesday, January 14, 2015

House Of Holland.

Sat. 09/13/2014.

House Of Holland.

Henry Holland's Spring 2015 offering limped along aimlessly with the rather awkward and Inelegant Point of Departure of... Ahem... GROUPIES! Ok! Yes, let's Run with that Fertile Well of Inspiration, Shall we? Let's Not and say We Did! As Inspirations go... It was a Cheap subject and it was Cheaply executed in a Psychedelic, Anna Sui-esque Purple Haze of 70's Meaninglessness. The Trippy, Hallucinogenic Prints did nothing to distract from the uninspiring and simplistic shapes, and with all the Visual Stimuli going about, anything that might have smacked of Inventive or Interesting would have been Irretrievably lost anyway!

Anyone who Knows Henry Holland knows he dresses the Party Girl... Unremittingly, Unapologetically. That casts him in a Curious light, One that he, in recent collections has tried to shed and move away from, but that he unfortunately keeps finding himself returning to. With little success. The more he indulges in this propensity for Garish, and frankly, Tacky clothing that borders on Meretricious... he negates all the strides he had made forward in previous work.

Of the pieces that were not so Tragic, there were some very pretty Paisley accented Neon Lace pieces and some Wildly Colourful Floral Adorned pieces late in the show that were more palatable but not necessarily... Chic. Aside from those... There wasn't much to get excited about. Holland has the talent to go very far, although he does have a serious following already. But, one would like to see him grow beyond his Nightlife Comfort zone and produce some serious Fashion. That can't happen soon enough!

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