Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ralph Lauren.

Thurs. 09/11/2014.

Ralph Lauren KNOWS Safari. It's one of his Fall back options that when he may be confused as to which way the Fashion Winds are blowing, he can whip up another Excursion into the Savannah and come up with Something akin to Fashion Gold. He may have learned that from Good Ole Yves, who was never far from a Saharienne moment himself. In less Expert Hands, this is a trope that would be loaded with Pitfalls and Booby Traps. It is one Hoary old Chestnut if there ever was one.

Lauren could have recycled any number of ideas from Safaris past, But, Lauren hasn't survived in fashion for almost 50 years by stagnating himself in the past. Yes, he can revisit certain ideas sometimes with too oft frequency, but Le Safari has always held a Special Place for Lauren. And Spring 2015 did not disappoint on ANY Front, in fact, it was one of Ralph's Very Best! 

From the Get-Go though, we envisaged that Lauren was not playing by the old rules... The Striking Amethyst draped Silk Charmeuse top that alighted upon the Sleek Khaki Cargos showed that Lauren was thinking Differently about Safari. Lauren's Biggest and Smartest decision was to use Vigourous and Piercingly Vibrant Colour juxtaposed against the basic Safari Colours, Khaki, Olive Drab, Tan, Desert Sand, Colours like Tangerine Orange, Fuschia Pink, Citron and Dandelion Yellow, were the picture of Exuberance, even if Startlingly so! Counterpoint this with Sleek, Sylphlike Black and White and the collection hit all the right notes at all the right moments.

Even with all the Delicious and Beguiling, Radiant Colour, It was the Desert Shades that proved the most Enthralling in the outfits... Par Example, A Sand coloured Charmeuse Jumpsuit exalted the idea of Luxury Safari in the most wearable and urban of ways. Try also, The Sleeveless Top with a Softly flared Suede Peplum and matching Suede Pencil skirt in Khaki on Maria Borges that was one of the most Chic things to be seen the whole season! And The ultimate In Safari Sophistication, A Belted Saharienne Jacket and matching skirt in Desert Khaki that stole the show!

On The Colour side of the coin... Leila Nda in an Orange Wonder of a Zip-front Shirt dress that was contending for best in show also, A Duo of draped Tulle ballgowns that floated Effortlessly down the Catwalk in Mandarin and Lemon were winning raves as well. These plus other Genius examples of Colour stood out for all the most right reasons.

Never let it be said that Ralph Lauren doesn't know how to close a Show... while he could have ended with the Freshest evening gown seen around, a White Jersey gown with Epaulets and Gusset Patch pockets, He took the Saharienne Motif to it's most Glamourous Conclusion, An Immense Mushroom Silk belted Shirt Dress Ballgown that rustled and bustled down the runway with Gasp-Inducing Exquisiteness.

Lauren is always at the top of his game when operating within his Wheelhouse of Comfort... He however isn't one to rely on rehashing those old ideas Ad Nauseum and is always looking for the Newest and most Modern interpretations of those ideas, while still keeping the Lauren DNA Brand Specific and Spot-On to the History of the House. Is Lauren ever going to Reinvent the Wheel? Hell No!  But what's so damn wrong with the Wheel, Anyway?

That's All.


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