Monday, January 19, 2015

Preen By Thornton Bregazzi.

Sun. 09/14/2014.

Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi never met an Overdone Idea that they didn't Like. Their Preen collections are Paeans to Excessive overindulgence in Ideas and usually it works solely to their Detriment. Had they not gripped the reins as (Relatively) tightly as they did for Spring 2015, It too would have fallen into that Punji Stick laden trap! 

Citing a Litany of Inspirations... Cricket, Masai (HUH?) 80's Hip-Hop and, Oh Yeah... SEX... The Duo came up with something a Dash more focused than their usual Menu. The opening Wrap Dress was Especially Sexy and Blended Cricket and Masai Fluidly... The BRIGHT Colours and Beading were also High points when not used too extravagantly. The Cricket Stripes as well, were a nice diversion from the more Ethnic Ideas floating about and Grounded them. 

However, there were times where Thornton and Bregazzi's Largesse was just too much, The asymmetry got to be Trying after a while as did a Brief interlude of Sari-Style Drapee and Herve Leger-Like Wrapped Bandage dressing which was a Mistake from the Outset. Those Watercolour Floral prints felt contrived and oddly out of sorts in this collection too. Simple was their Friend. And a Friend the Duo needs to call on more. For when Simple was the watchword, Great things happened.

Like, a Orange Zip-Front Sweater/Coat that had Luscious Appeal or a Smashing White Pantsuit, or all those Shimmy-Shimmy Beaded pieces that ended the show with such a Positive Vibe. For Thornton and Bregazzi, This as a High-Water Mark, the collection wasn't free from fault, but it was weighing in more on the side of Good than Bad with much of that "Good" Being Quite Wonderful. Now if Justin and Thea could just learn to Simplify and Focus That Smidge More, We might see real Magic Transpire! 

That's All.


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