Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Matthew Williamson.

Sun. 09/14/2014.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of both Trying new things AND Reflection to put one back on track after one has been doing something for a long while. Whilst in his Hothouse Youth, Matthew Williamson was the Purveyor of all things Young and Pretty and Glitzy, he in the past few years has tried to Mature and move away from the Girls who love the Night Life. It made for some Lovely collections, No? But they were in a Melancholy way, A little Soulless. Where in the case of Someone like Julien MacDonald, you'd WISH he'd grow up and experiment beyond his Flash, Trash and Excess Habitue, Only if to show HIMSELF that he can do more... Williamson has done that and in doing so, again found his True North, Just now Patinated with Maturity. 

Williamson conjured forth on this day. one of his most Spectacular collections, Thrilling with Beauty and Eccentric fun. The 70's have always held a Soft spot in the Heart of Williamson, and This collection was no less inflected by the Decade that Gave us "Charlie's Angels" Roller-Disco, Hot Pants and Feathered Hair. Opening with that most Ubiquitous of 70's Materials, Suede, Williamson set off on a Path well travelled, but still ripe with possibilities. 

With Tropical Florals and Ikats And Feather Prints as his only embellishments this season, Williamson, also used quite the Varied colour Palette to evocative effect... Cerise Red, Jungle Green, Melon Pink, Deep Turquoise, Mallard Green, Deep Plum... all swirled about in Perfect coordination. Some of the best looks, A Mallard Green Wrap top in Satin paired with a Lace and Feather Wrap Sarong looked Devilishly Sexy and Prim in an Odd way! Or a Totally "Angels" Moment in a Feather Print blouse paired with the most Searing shade of Cerise Pants with Impeccable cut. A Delicate Ice Blue Tweed Wrap Blazer and Crepe Pants set was also Giving off Good Vibrations! 

The Best piece was Exit No. 2, A Butter Yellow to Iris Purple Ombre Tropic Floral print dress that had Studio 54 in it's very DNA was KILLER Sexy and Chic! Williamson Strutted his stuff in this collection with Confidence, Skill and Great Panache. It was Signature Williamson, But Tempered with the new Maturity that has affected his work via Reflection and Age. It's a Bracing Tonic of a Cocktail and one that seems to be Rich with Possibility! 

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