Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jonathan Saunders.


Balancing a Certain Whimsical, Child-Like Naivete with more Structured, Couture like ideas, Jonathan Saunder cast a Curious Spell with his Spring 2015 collection, one that wasn't exactly Convincing or Thoughtfully Conceived. There was something Deeply Askew in this Assemblage... Something Definitively... OFF! Not that it was Implacable to describe this Off-Kilter feel, But it was Nebulous to a degree...

It just seemed highly Disjointed, as if all the Puzzle pieces did not belong to the same Puzzle. One moment, Innocent, the next moment, Stern. One minute, Delightfully Frivolous... the Next, Ornately Experimental. As if... Saunders could not settle or commit on one plan of attack and threw all the pieces in the air, and let them fall where they may, Willy Nilly. There was Tailoring, then there was Ballooning Pouf Shapes. Saunders did himself no Justice following this kind of Illogic. 

What worked, When it did work, was Mysteriously Beautiful. A Caramel Brown Bow-Tied waist Shirt dress with Leaves of the dress fabric shimmying at the hem,  A Sky Blue pantsuit with the same Bow Waist and Naif Embroideries and Grommets. Or even that Spectacular Opening Number in Navy with the Double Breasted Coat... Exquisite. From there on... An excess of Trickiness pervaded the whole affair and, with far too few respites from it, Such as the Hideous Layering ideas or those Bunchy and Unflattering fabric Flowers, The collection began sinking like an Ocean liner gored on it's Hull by an Iceberg. By the time it was all over, oneself was feeling as if they, and Saunders too, Needed someone throwing them a Lifeline!

That's All.


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