Friday, January 23, 2015

Mary Katrantzou.

Sun. 09/14/2014.

Mary Katrantzou.

Pangaea. Dance. The Body as Tectonic Plates. These were the provocative influences of Mary Katrantzou's Spring 2015 collection. Provocative for the reasons that they were Eclectic in the utmost and that with those Ideas, Pregnant with Possibilities... She produced something as Dully Uninspiring and Meek as this collection,

Katrantzou's show wasn't particularly Pretty, or especially Interesting. Much of it was Frankly, Ugly. Or at the least, Unattractive. It was also repetitive, Lace and Slip Dresses and Badly cut pants paired with A-Line tops or The Tectonic plates of Cutout Applications of pieces of fabric on Sheer Stretch Tulle... It was Flatly Unappealing and with such Esoteric Inspirations, it felt Decidedly Lackluster.

Katrantzou is Moving into new Spheres of Fashion, for better or worse, and so far, it's been for the worse. The Collage effect of her clothes can become overworked and Heavy-Handed, It's keeping her clothes from breathing and weighed down by all the Gravitas of Intellect. The Engineered Prints have gone by the wayside, Good or Bad as that may be, and replaced by these Experiments in Excess. It's not working, either way. Perhaps a Refresh is needed.

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