Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hunter Original.

Sat. 09/13/2014.

It is always an Exciting and Interesting thing to see a Fashion House Begin to Emerge into it's Truest, Surest self. Sometimes that is directly concurrent with the label blossoming forth from it's Chrysalis as a newcomer and hitting the proverbial ground running. Hunter Original under the design directorship of Alasdhair Willis (Husband of Stella McCartney) is just such a house on just such a cusp! 

In just Two Season, Willis is setting a pace for definitive success at the house! Keeping the Heritage of this house is a difficult thing to accomplish, however, owing to the fact that the house is famous for Wellington Rain Boots... How do you build an Identity based on Something so... Utilitarian? This seemingly Unenviable task has been thrown down at Willis' feet like a Gauntlet and he has picked it up and ran with it... With Obvious Aplomb!

Willis' second outing was as Well-Conceived as his Debut, concerning himself with a British Military print called "Dazzle" a Technique of Painting on British warships in WWI, it made a rather Dizzying and Eclectic end to collection which up til then had been occupied with Primarily Khaki and Olive Greens, Bumblebee Yellow, Lilac, Khaki and Enlivening strokes of Prismatic Aqua and Prussian Blue. These colours all Jumbled up in the end to create the "Dazzle" Effect with even more interesting shades thrown into the mix!

The Key of Willis' success here is that he is not Specifically Swinging for the fences, But also isn't just content with getting On Base! He's trying to Score some RBI's and doing that by presenting clothes that are Fun, Sharp, and Forward while still being Classic and Fashionable. Willis is giving his Variations on those essentially British Codes, The Trench, The Mac, The Popover and making them Prescient for 2015 and Beyond...

Willis' Trajectory for the label seems bound for Success. Producing inspired collections that are just a Teensy bit Off, But in a Delightfully good way, is going to make him a Darling of the British Fashion cognoscenti... and as he eases in more comfortably into his role as Creative Head of Hunter, he will surely spread his wings out more and give the world more Adventurous fashion, The Kernel of that idea is already Germinating. One just cannot wait to see what Flowers from that Seed!

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