Saturday, January 24, 2015

David Koma.

Sun. 09/14/2014.

Asymmetry can be a Difficult road to travel, Oft times in Fashion, It can give an Imbalanced proportion to clothes that would have fared better with a Symmetrical hemline. Or it can add Fluidity and create Drape and Interest on the Body... David Koma's Spring 2015 collection fell into the Latter side of the Equation. Key here, His distillation of things down to Solid Pops of Strong Colour and keeping things "Relatively" Simple. Saying though that his collection was "SIMPLE" was something in an Exercise in Deception. 

Koma has a lot on his plate this year, A Debut at Mugler which is highly anticipated and his own line which he has decided to continue forth with. Good for him... Mugler will have a Treasure trove of Archives for him to explore and Manipulate to his own whims, But his own label is where his voice will always be most resonant. This collection proved that Idea Solidly and Expertly. 

With Scores of White and Black with inflections of Lemon Yellow, A Powdery Porcelain Blue, Cerulean, and a Soft Lemonade Yellow, Koma kept the Eye trained on the Silhouettes Rather than Arabesques and Pirouettes of Colour to distract. The Purity of the Yellows and Blues was more Refreshing and Eye-Soothing than any other Jarring colours may have lent to the production.  In such Naked colours too, Koma need have Excellent tailoring skills, for the colours do err on the Unforgiving side if one does not have the Technique to back up such Austere hues. One thing for sure... His Tailoring skills need not be Questioned! 

Some of the Best of Show... A Pair of Cerulean Blue Wiggle Dresses with strategic Grid-like cutouts that had Sex Bomb appeal while still retaining a sense of Modesty. A GENIUS Bi-Colour Blue and Black dress that looked like it was two pieces, A Turtleneck Sleeveless top and Pencil Skirt wit Degrade Crystal embroidery was actually a Single Piece! Or the Deftly Asymmetric White top with Skinny White pants that was Tapping a Vein of Modern Chic for all it was worth!

There was Much more... but one can view all that. Koma is Creeping his way into the Fashion Consciousness, He has the Skill, the Talent, and the Ability to make his name known Far and Wide. Just keep putting out efforts like this and he will be finding his name on all the most important people's Lips in the Game! 

That's All.


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