Sunday, January 4, 2015

Calvin Klein.

Thurs. 09/11/2014.

An Odd Sensuality suffused the Spring 2015 Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa. One that was subliminal, Yet palpable. It was to be deciphered in the Sleekness and Litheness of the layering of Long on Long and the Delineation of lines by the High waisted slim belts. These forces constituted a Panther-like Lissome Quality that was also resolutely Modern.

All was not as Graceful throughout, but the Unerring line of Slenderness was absolute and pure! Costa kept the Colours Minimal to match the shapes, Marine Blue, Black, White and an Injection of Oxblood red that was Unexpected and wholly welcome. What was even more welcome, was when Costa flipped the coin and showed some Saucy, Gamine short dresses with flippy hems... In Leather no less. It was just the Juxtaposition that was needed to cure the onslaught malaise that began to settle in with one too many Layerings of long atop more long.

As the show progressed, Costa was still layering, but he interrupted longish ideas with more shorter fare atop the longer hemlines... these had their successful moments, but were not as fully effective on the whole. When all was said and done, Costa had put forth a showing far less fraught with peril than his recent output over the last few years. One would like to think this is a Turning point, But Knowing Costa, One needn't Hold their Breath!

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