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Mon. 09/15/2014.

Giles Deacon is one of those Fashion Sorcerers that can put on a show so Chaotically Magical and Lunatic that one is left Smiling and Unhinged at the same time. When he gets it right... There's Immense Romance and Masterful Buffoonery of that English sort that is never, Ever, Lowbrow. It's always, Cheeky, Daring, A little Superior in it's Inflection and always DRY! In Deacon's Spring 2015 we find this and more. Deacon was in a Wildlife Mode... which is only Natural as one may remember he was inspired by BATS for Spring '14 so Wildlife, Snakes, Leopards, A Bird or two, seem nothing out of Deacon's Groove. 

Mixing High and Low in his collections as always yielded Breathtaking Couture Quality, Ballgowns one minute... Slouchy T-Shirt Dresses the Next or Innocent (Seemingly) Bib-Front shifts decorated with pleats juxtaposed against Painstakingly Exacting cut-out Lame Leathers that looked like Exotic Flora! There were So Many pieces of Wonder and Delight to behold, that it was honestly a Banquet of looks to pick from! A simple Petal Pink Jumpsuit is a nice place to start! 

From there, where to go... A Spectacularly cut Black Jacquard suit embossed with Leopard Paw prints, Or the Caftan that looked like it had been Airbrushed. adorned with a Awing Bird-in-Flight Print that was Elegant and Classic. Partake of the Snake printed Ballgown with Long sleeves or the Two Leopard Print "Balenciaga" Hi-Lo hem Ballgowns that were Screaming Parisian Couture! The Best though was a Cape Gown on Tami Williams in Snow White with a Giant Leopard Paw Embroidered on the Shoulder, Utterly Captivating and Jaw-Dropping! 

Deacon is known for his Kooky brand of Demi-Couture meets the Dance Hall vibe, he played those cards for their worth in this collection... And Won! It was a Spectacular Worthy of De Mille (Agnes or Cecil!) and Deacon has once again proved his Mettle. This was a Favorite of mine this season, and once you give it a look, it should be one of yours, Too! 

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