Sunday, January 4, 2015

J. Mendel.

Thurs. 09/11/2014.

The Spring J. Mendel collection was a Curious affair. Inspired by Artist Enoc Perez's Architectural paintings, Gilles Mendel presented a rather uneven and surprisingly, Difficult collection for Spring 2015. In places, it was Wondrously Beautfiful, and at places, Distractingly Odd. The Tricky silhouettes and Disorienting prints conspired to create an uneasy mix that wasn't easy to digest. Mendel's Signature Furs and Leathers were all present and accounted for, but were more deftly mixed into the proceedings than usual, however that wasn't were the problems lay.

Over Ambitious Cuts and Cutouts, Patchworkings and Colour-Blocking took away from the lines of the clothes where simpler applications would have exalted them. This didn't fully detract from the pieces that were outstanding, A White and Black/Citrus Yellow Print Pleated dress on Herieth Paul was Extraordinarily Sexy and Chic! A Fluffy Blue, Pink and Black Fur was Inspiring Frissons of Orgasmic Joy while a Claude Montana Worthy Lipstick Red Leather skirt Suit was the Picture of Red Hot! 

Yet couple this with the Pleated dresses with high slits which were overkill on the Sensual side of the equation, and those experiments with colour blocking were Misguided to say the least. In the end, However, Mendel gave us a Refreshing and Eccentric collection that was Forward and Fashionable. It wasn't the Greatest of Mendel's Efforts, But it was full of enough Sharp, Sexy, Tantalizing outfits that the effort wasn't wasted! 

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