Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Topshop Unique.

Sun. 09/14/2014.

The people at Topshop aren't looking to set the Fashion World Afire. Not In the Least! What They are striving for is to Create Fresh, Effervescent, Energetic, Youthful, Peppy fashion for the Young Things out there that like their basics to be The Best they can be. On that front, They Succeed WILDLY! Need they do more? When they have the Formula as down pat as it seems that they have it for now... No! Not for now...

For Spring 2015, The clothes were Crisp, Chic, Sunny, Happy, and Young. But one could see Higher Fashion Aspirations creeping in subtly here and there abouts... more on that later. Citing the "Faded Glamour of the British Seaside" Which by any account can be More Dreary than a Hawthorne Novel, There was nothing Faded about the Glamour on tap here. It was Bright and Forward and In Your Face alive with Colour and Pop! 

Red, Black, White, Aqua, China Blue, Maroon, Oxblood and Silver where all in evidence here, as well as Honey Brown, which in a Laser Precise, Bonded Mac was one of the most Immediate winners on Display. A Lipstick Red Shift/Slip dress with Ruffle Detail was also hitting the mark. This collection relied heavily on being Graphic, Big blocks of Solid Colour, Stripes, Even the Floral print was Graphic and Abstracted. 

The Finale of Beaded, sheer Little Nothing, Slip Dresses Showed a Burgeoning Sophistication to the label and were KNOCKOUTS Every One of them. It found the Topshop label reaching beyond it's normal Purview and Trying to Stretch it's Imagination... It brought to mind the old Quotation, "One's Reach Should Exceed One's Grasp, Or what's a Heaven For!" If Topshop Keeps reaching... Who knows what Heaven that they may get their hands on! 

That's All.


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