Monday, January 19, 2015


Sat. 09/13/2014.


Although Prettier and more Outwardly Fantastical than recent collections, Spring 2015 at the House of Marchesa was again a Muddled and Terribly Wobbly, Uneven effort for Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. When it was Good... It was ASTOUNDING... when it was Blah... It was Drastically Uninteresting or even worse... Overworked!

Starting Strongly. The collection had a "Flower Power" Vibe from the Get go and took that Glastonbury/Lollapalooza/Coachella inspiration that has been running pretty rampant around the Spring 2015 Fashion circles and made hay with it... It's getting a little on the tiresome side, but one would have thought if anyone could have saved this Inspire from the Doldrums, it would have been the Marchesa duo.... And you'd have thought wrong.

From Guinevere inspired romances of evening gowns to some Clunky and imbalanced ones, The thread that was supposed to run through the collection to support any and all Reveries was, Unfortunately, Raveled. Speaking of Raveling... all that fringe being Shimmied on down the runway, looked Cheap. Far more Successful... A Sumptuously Beautiful Bird print that highlighted everything it showed up on in the most Marvellous ways! It's most Perfect Incarnation was in a Black Lace framed T-Shirt dress that was Striking and Comfortable all at once.

For every One Glory in the collection, there seemed to be Three Junk Heaps. This Failure to focus on anything other than the Extraneous plagues Craig and Chapman like a Bad Penny. Honing their eccentricities and Keeping only the most Outstanding pieces a Priority would do them A WORLD of Well! Marchesa Need not be all things to all peoples... It just needs to be true to Itself and it'll get on Just Dandy!

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