Thursday, January 8, 2015

Julien McDonald.

Sat. 09/13/2014.

Julien MacDonald.

Julien MacDonald is not Your Go-To designer for Classic Day wear or Coats and Suits... he is the man you go to when you want a Candy-Coated Confection of Beads and Lace and Sheerness and Froth! All this was to be found in MacDonald's Spring 2015 collection, as well as his signature Couture quality Knits. This season, However, A wind of what one might actually call, Sophistication, Blew through the house that Scantily Clad built!

As Body hugging and unforgiving as many of the outfits were, per the house signature codes, Many were less Encasing and Limned more than Enveloped. Also, in the name of elegance, not everything was Silvery or Metallic and festooned with Beads and Glitter and Fringe, MacDonald started off with some Fabulously lush Bird of Paradise Tropic Prints that were actually intricate embroideries and added a dimension of Exuberance to Sober dresses. From here, there were Spidery, Webby knits, and McDonald's Signature Metallics came out to play.

Even though much was Business as usual, there was a refreshing sense of Restraint at hand here, One that lent a subtle degree of refinement to MacDonald's Oeuvre, which joyously counterpointed all the Glitz and Flash of his usual ilk. Although, those ideas when executed as they were here, with High sex Tempered with Elegance, those usual Scandal inducing gowns that ended the show were more Erotic than Trashy! Perhaps this is a new direction in MacDonald's career path, One that is less obeisant to Fireworks and Elaboration and more on Technique and Skill. It's Promising to say the least!

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