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Weds. 09/17/2014.

As Last Collections go, Frida Giannini's Fare Thee Well to the House of Gucci was a Blockbuster! As of now, EVERYONE Knows Ms. Giannini was Booted from the House the Horse Bit Built. They have her Right hand Man, Alesandro Michele now taking her place, and who know where that will lead... But one can say that it was an Absolutely FOOLISH move for the Bigwigs to Unceremoniously Oust Frida! She was in the Flower of some of her best work for the house and was keeping it Fresh, Diverse and Lively. As well as, Extremely Beautiful! But, Alas, I am not the one in charge, so I can only Lament her Absence and hope Michele has the Stuff to make Gucci Still resound!

As for Giannini, Short and Sweet and to the point. No need to linger. With Equal interest in Chic, Soft Military and Glam Deluxe Boho, Giannini posited a Breathtaking Treatise on Strictness Counterpointed by Exuberant Freedom. With White to open and Pre-Cleanse the Palate, Giannini used the Colour to Stunning, Sharp effect. It looked Easy but Glam still, even though it had the Flavour of the Military. Then the Furs, and the Prints, and the Lacing came out and it was Lisa Taylor in Vogue! 

Another point, All of Giannini's Hallmarks were touched upon... Denim, Suede, Leather, And the COLOURS! Oh, My God! THE COLOURS! Indigo, Saffron, Cherry, Brick, Bottle Green, Violet... All In Rich Versions of the hues! The throw in those Mouthwatering Japanese Prints... It was A Done Deal Then! And when Giannini ended with those Lavish embroidered dresses in those Japanese Vase Prints... I DIED! Just tears in the eyes Gorgeous! 

I am not going to make this into a Tribute to Giannini or a Diatribe about her dismissal. I will say, In the history of Frida's Work at the house, This was one for the Ages. It is twinged with sadness knowing that we won't see this kind of Exquisiteness again from the house, Michele seems to have his own views, But Hopefully the Sun will rise once again on Frida Giannini. And Soon! 

Arrivederci, Senora Giannini!

That's All.


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