Monday, January 26, 2015


Mon. 09/15/2014.

It looked as if though for Spring 2015 Erdem Moralioglu had decided to write his own "Jungle Book" and succumb to the Deep, Dark Mysteries of the Jungle Primeval. Was this The Amazon Rainforest? The Heart of the Darkest Africa? All of that and more it would end up being, as Moralioglu had latched onto the Victorian Botanical artist Marianne North who was so renowned by her Peers and those who respected her work that there is a Gallery devoted to her in the Legendary Kew Gardens in Great Britain.

But, How, you may ask, does all this fall in place to make a collection...? Quite Nicely, actually. Moralioglu's Artistic, Couture-like hand was at it's most adept this season with nearly everything being Decorated in some brilliantly lavish and masterful way! The opening pair of dresses were intricately Embroidered in Gorgeous, Darkly rich Feathered Silk applique flowers. From there, Wispy fronds compiled themselves on dresses in almost suffocating multitude. In Moralioglu's hands, this never devolved into Overabundance, It was just the Right amount of Overdone as to be Decadent but not Indulgent! 

Even Later, when it felt like a Sleeveless top paired with a Lichen Green Textured skirt was threatening to Engulf the Models torso in what looked like Every form of Jungle Flora known to Mankind and some not known, He still managed to balance it just so that it never veered in to the Costume, as did the Matching Pencil skirt that followed paired with a simple Aqua Sweater! Then, Out came the Feathers! From Flora now to Fauna... looking as though Moralioglu had Plucked every Exotic Bird in the Jungle for his wears, They were Giddy at times with Over-Exaggerated Exuberance or in the Trio of dresses that looked like they were prints but were Minutely and Expertly placed Feathers. 

There were other Outposts from those aforementioned that criss-crossed to and fro from beginning to end, But all were handled with a Controlled, yet Perversely and Eccentricallly Inclined hand. Moralioglu know's how to Conjure up a Fantasy for the Ages in his clothes... This was one of his most Potent Affairs. His ladies this season were Eloquent, Exotic, Elaborate Jungle Princesses ready to Emerge from the Bush and Take on the Hinterlands... Watch Out, World! 

That's All.


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