Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Sat. 09/13/2014.

Louise Trotter Whipped up a Magical, Spontaneous, Energetic Production for the Joseph Label for Spring 2015. It was Infused with Boyish Magnetism and Sportif Charm and Was Deftly Modern and Forward thinking. Trotter embodied an Intellectual and Spirited Woman on her Runway, one that wasn't concerned with Traditional Feminine tropes. She was a Sleek, Athletic Warrioress with a Penchant for Complex Fashion that juxtaposed itself with Clean, Simple Sportiness. 

Firstly, Trotter kept things focused by minimizing the Colour Palette to Khaki Green, White, Black and Powder and Charcoal Grey with Denim Splashes in the Middle. Trotter also mentioned that "Contrasts" were a big motivation, Slim and Sleek, Counterpointed by Voluminous and Overscale. Avant-Garde Touches added a Spirit of Japanese Modernity to the clothes, Especially in the Denim section that looked like Jean Jackets had been wrapped around the hips or waist with the sleeves swinging free... It was an Odd, and Slightly Askew touch that could have gone wrong SO VERY Easily, but instead came across as Quirky, Experimental and in it's own sense, Fun! 

Freshest and most Approachable of the items proffered... A White Slouch dress based on a Trench at Exit No. 3, It had Sparkling Freshness and Elegant Easiness all in one. Or the Boyish Gray Leather Ensemble with a Hidden placket jacket and Basketball shorts... Another Winner, the Army Green Leather Tank Dress on Sam Rollinson that was just TOTALLY Essential and Covetable. while a Cape Back Fleece Top with Lantern Sleeves and a matching Skirt was Couture Chic and Still Grasping that Thread of Sportiness. 

All in all... Trotter did a Magnificent job of creating Modern, Eclectic clothes for the woman that wants to Not Exactly Stand Out, but wants to differentiate herself. With clothes like this, Trotter is setting herself up Nicely to take Joseph beyond the Just a Specialty Department Store and Turn it into it's Own Power Brand. I can't wait to see the Evolution!

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