Monday, January 26, 2015

Pringle Of Scotland.

Sun. 09/14/2014.

Pringle Of Scotland.

Pringle of Scotland has had many names parading through it's house, trying to give it an Identity that is Concurrent with what's Now in Fashion while still Honouring it's 200 Year Knitwear Heritage. In treading that line, sometimes it's just best to start from the farthest outward post and view the house from a Great Distance, Essentially Meaning... Be aware of the Histoire De La Maison, But don't adhere to the past with rabid Obeisance.

That's the path it seems Massimo Nicosia followed for his incredibly strong Spring 2015 show for the House of Pringle. Looking staunchly towards the future but also not simply paying Lip Service to the past of the storied house. Nicosia innovatively avoided any such issues by giving the clothes a Clear and uncomplicated wearability, but also a Piquant slick of the Futuristic.

Keeping his palette restrained was also Key to Nicosia's Success... White, Bone, Cyan and a Violet/Blue hybrid focused everything sharply. While touches like Innovative Treatment of knitwear and usage of 3-D embroideries on some pieces or clear Plastic, Glistening Triangles decorated a couple pieces in Cyan, Especially nice in Knit long sleeve top that somehow managed to be Sheer and Opaque at the same time, paired with a Flattering Tube skirt. Nicosia is looking it would seem to innovate the house of Pringle while keeping it Familiar to those who need it but still slipping a little Modernity in on their Classic. It appears that it's a Winning Formula, Thus Far.

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