Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Proenza Schouler.

Weds. 09/10/2014.

Some Nice jackets. A few Good Dresses. Some Exquisitely tailored Coats and Blazers... Those elements saved Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez's Proenza Schouler collection from being a Total Waste time of everyone involved. Not that much of the rest of their Spring 2015 collection wasn't exactly just that, A Waste of good time, this collection just happened to be less Fraught with Detestable clothes. 

Spring produced some excellent pieces from McCullough and Hernandez, some Perforated Leather "Shirt" Dresses in Burnt Orange, Black and White with fluid skirts were Highly Covetous and Quite Fascinating, while a Pinpoint Precise Tailored Coat and Blazer in blocks of Navy Prince-Of-Wales check and Black were Astoundingly Perfect and could be some of the best pieces of the entire season. Also of Note, A Bias plaid Shift dress that was Bold and Plain all in the same breath and Startlingly Chic! 

As things go, it wasn't the worse collection from the Proenza Schouler duo, it had many pieces that were Powerfully Strong and Easily Wearable, Though McCullough and Hernandez's worse tendencies got in the way, as they always do, and marred the collection in Innumerable ways, Again, As always. The Silver Lining, the pieces that did work, Worked Awfully well, and that, in the end, is what counts! 

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