Saturday, December 6, 2014

3.1 Phillip Lim.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

Usually, Phillip Lim is a go-to for Interesting, Fun, Urban Sportswear with a Flashy Edge of the Downtown for the Uptown consumer. With his Spring 2015 collection one has to wonder has Lim lost his Goddamn Mind. This collection, to be Perfectly Frank, was Fucking Hideous. I have no need to be Genteel or Exhibit any form of restraint in criticizing this Atrocious, Misguided, Misadventure! 

To retain my Clinical Objectivity, I will refrain from letting my baser instincts carry me away on the tide of Vitriol and sling insults left and right and simply will direct my commentary on the dispiriting clothing set forth from Lim's Addled imagination. These clothes were Laughable had they not been mired  in such dismaying confusion. The Squiggly hems and Cutouts and Asymmetry served the clothes in no other way than to infuriate one at the ludicrous idea that Lim thought that these pieces would be flattering on Anyone. Even the Models!

It would be a Colossal waste of time to Go into Lavish and Maximal detail on the low points, so I will let them speak for themselves and focus on the meager offerings that were of a less confused nature. A White Matelasse and Buff Suede shift dress bisected by thick lacing joining the two in a Curvilinear manner was Inspired and Shockingly refreshing. A fragile looking Pantsuit in Ecru was also currying favour... and that was about the size of the pieces that did not disappoint.

Lim's presentation was one of the most disturbingly, SHOCKINGLY Unfortunate. It had no place in the world of Modern Fashion and would only make anyone wearing the clothes look foolish in the Nth degree. Lim went to the Bad Place on this excursion, It was adrift on a sea of Incoherence and Bemusement... I am Agog!

That's All.


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