Friday, December 19, 2014

Rachel Zoe.

Weds. 09/10/2014.

Bohemian Jet-Set Glam is Rachel Zoe's Wheelhouse. That she is redefining what that means and doing a Wonderful job of it is to be applauded. Spring 2015 shows an Evolution of Zoe's 70's Gypsy/Bohemian Stevie Nicks-ish style being tempered with a New Found Crispness and Luxe. Zoe relied less on her usual tropes and streamlined things into something more Relevant to now. It worked Very Well.

A Boho Caftan started the looks off with a Typical Zoe trope, as did the YSL/Bianca Jagger/Studio 54 looking Tuxedo Jumpsuit that while a Zoe Staple, this season was more Impactful and Spectacular than Usual. A White Grecian Goddess Chiton gown with Chain detailing was Absurdly Glamourous and Stunning. And a White/Black Zebra stripe gown was given a bit of Edge and Modernity with a Black Leather Biker Jacket thrown atop it. 

Zoe produced the best collection of her career so far, I have always had faith in her design talents and been impressed from the beginning, this just proves my Faith was Well Founded. Zoe has a Very Distinct and Clear style and Vision of her Style, She is Honing that idea as well as refreshing it in a Strong, Directional Way! I, For one, can't wait to see what awaits us in future collections!

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