Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Marc By Marc Jacobs.

Tues. 09/09/2014.

An intriguing dichotomy played out at the Spring 2015 Marc By Marc Jacobs collection now under the design of Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier. A disparity between some Wickedly cool pieces and some Downright Silly pieces that looked very much Idiotic. This played out in some great Coats and Jackets and some Sugary Crinkly Silk pieces that had a Juvenile edge to them that was strangely appealing.

But on the other side of the equation... The Ugliest Pants seen in a long while, Absurdly Draped skirts and dresses and a Finale of the most Discombobulating and Freakishly Unhinged Patchwork dresses that pointedly redefined the word Atrocious! It's not of any advantage to this review to pick apart each section, A Great White Pantsuit, A Fun Polka Dot Latex Bolero, A Chic White Utility coat, standout pieces they were, but surmounted by the Tricked Out, Overwrought pieces that proliferated this collection... They didn't really do anything other than point out in the Sharpest Relief how bad the bad pieces were. 

That's All.


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