Monday, December 8, 2014

Alice + Olivia.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

Alice + Olivia.

Versailles is an easy place to be inspired by. How could one NOT be? Stacy Bendet's recent trip to Paris and Soujourn to the Heart-Wrenchingly Exquisite Palace was fodder for her pretty Spring 2015 collection. After Bendet's showing the question did beg asking and answering... You went to Versailles and this was all that you came up with for clothes inspired by the place? Bendet may need a Return Trip to Le Roi Soleil's Palace D'Or!

Typical of Bendet, there was an Emphasis on Evening with some sportier pieces strewn about to keep things from being too Sugary and Confectionery. The fact that much of the Sportier pieces looked liked dumbed down Cocktail or Evening clothes was not helping elevate this collection. There were some Solid and Gorgeous outfits in display, An Absolutely Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous beaded and embroidered T-shirt dress in a Bronze-y/Pink shade was giving the onlooker palpitations, while a White combo of a V-neck Tank top and Wide fluid pants was as good as anything seen so far this season.

The best look though was a Mariniere Striped shirt paired with a Lavishly Floral printed swirling skirt that was the Perfect One-Two Punch of Sporty Elegance and Haute Extravagance! While much of the rest of the collection felt too Junior (a typical Quicksand trap that Bendet falls into) A good deal here was Impressively Attractive. One just might implore of Bendet to Hike up the Luxe and Taste level a bit more in the future, like in the Valentino-esque Black Ball skirt with a Delicate and Fragile White lace overskirt paired with a Beaded Tank. More pieces like that in her collections and she'll have found herself in a Much better Fashion Niche!

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