Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ohne Titel.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

Ohne Titel.

Alexa Adams and Flora Gills' Spring 2015 Ohne Titel collection was a Complicated Mishmash of uninspiring and lackluster fashion. It was a pretty unconvincing effort and an unfortunately Tedious affair. Sandwiching Mesh, Slashed-up Strips of fabric, Body Con, Surfer, Swimwear and Christ alone knows what else made for a Complex and Overwrought collection by any measure.

Throwing all this in one pot and stewing it together did not make for a Satisfying Fashion Soup, the good pieces that did surface were few and far between... A V-Neck Dress on Manon Leloup in Black, Marine Blue and White with a Cutout waist had Sex appeal without looking Tawdry, while a Black, White and Pink sheath dress had great Visual Attractiveness.

Otherwise, This was a Flop. Pure and Simple. Any more said would be Unnecessary.

That's All.


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