Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tommy Hilfiger.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

Hitching his Star to a Variation on a Theme of Sgt. Peppers with all the 60's Flower Power, Hippy Dippy, Music Festival Accoutrements that come with such a theme did not prove to be the wisest decision for Tommy Hilfiger to commit to for his Uneven and Flatly Staid collection. This is territory that anyone with any trace of history about the Fashion Industry has seen trod out more times than perhaps, necessary, And frankly, Done Better.

Hilfiger brought nothing new to the table in this effort, with most items looking more on the Costume side of vintage rather than Thrift Store/Grandma's Attic vintage, and that didn't serve the clothes in the best interest. There is no real need to Delve into all the ways this collection failed, but there is some value in speaking on the pieces that did succeed, For some of the outfits were some of Hilfiger's Best Pieces, taken out of the context of the show.

A short pleated Lame/Cire Dress in Scarlet on Leila Nda was Sexy and Pretty while a Black Leather Belted coat with Gold accents was Tough and Super Chic as was a very Modish Swing Coat in Black Giving good Retro! Now, as for those Granny Dresses that were equal parts Flower Child Hippy/Grunge Goddess that ended the show were Patently Foolish!

Hilfiger has a Knack for a Statement making show in the Grand Sense, and this Set did not disappoint, nor did, in the schema of the theme, the clothes. But, this, after some of his best work in the past few seasons, seemed, Atavistic and Silly. This felt more like a Costume show, than a Fashion Show, and that essential difference is what makes This collection more a Dud than a Smash!

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