Friday, December 5, 2014


Mon. 09/08/2014.

I am an unrequited fan of Michelle Smith and her Label Milly. It's Fun, Quirky, Feminine and Strong with a Serious Experimental edge at times. But one has to wonder where in the Hell did all that go in her Astonishingly Bewildering Spring 2015 Collection. These clothes looked suited for Asylum patients more so than real women. In the mix, were surely Pieces that will translate into the Closets of Multiple styles of Women, Taken as a Whole... It bordered on the Comically Ridiculous. 

Indulging in Scores of insults or reams of type is useless... the collection was a Failure. Among the ruins were some Winning Outfits. A Cobalt Blue skirt with a Black Utility Jacket and a White tee was giving Relaxed Chic and Style whilst a long White Duster coat with Athletic inspired Black Pieces underneath was Sporty and Easy to wear. There were a few other outfits that managed to keep themselves above water, All the rest was Pointedly Awkward and sadly, Awful.

This came as a complete, and utterly distracting befuddlement to one's senses and made one question the good taste of Michelle Smith. She got carried away with the theme (Does it matter what it was?) and it became a Hopelessly Sloppy and Confused Disaster. Smith is better than this, by a Country Mile in fact, and one has to hope this was a just an Unfortunate Stumble.

That's All.


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